My exact reaction as I entered the flat when Syracuse was playing:

this is madness


Although I must admit that I, to a certain extent, understand the excitement: Young men in college running up and down a field wearing the equipment equivalent of a small stealth submarine is indeed a vision that rattles even the most steadfast personality. Yet, the combustion of orange, shouts and general commotion in the apartment made me fear for my life.. But hey! Happy days when there is football! I remember when me and Angelica went to New York and I saw a neon sign advertising the Super Bowl in 254 days and my immediate reaction was: What is wrong with these people? How can this sport be better than rugby? Than NORMAL football? Some small advise to all to-be US travelers: NEVER question the importance of football, it may well be the last thing that you do.



Can’t wait.


Marathon Men

Those of you who know me, know that during the first 30 min of waking up in the morning (and sometimes for the rest of the day) I am more dead than alive. I find it challenging to breathe properly and I have troubles locating my elbow. Colour-coordinating an outfit seems like a monumental task, buttering the toast a near impossible feat and the thought of even attempting to straighten my hair ludicrous. As you can imagine, running is therefore not part of my morning repertoire. Imagine my surprise and bafflement when I a few days ago nearly got run over by a hord of men as I was leaving my house. Who runs like they’re escaping the zoo at 8.30 am in the morning?! Before the devil has put on his slippers!

Madness Evan Rachel Wood

Squinting in the morning sun I deciphered the text ‘Marines’ written on their T-shirts. Ah! I love the smell of America in the morning! A few blocks away from me are the Marine Barracks, where the Marine Corps and Navy Officers reside and do important stuff such as the Clap-ceremony (Really impressive parade which I have requested tickets to!) and monitoring shipping around the world. This morning-madness started on 1st of June so I can only assume (and wishin’, and hopin’ and prayin’) that this is part of their summer work-out and will continue until the end of August. First thought that occurred to me on the first morning I saw them antilop past? ‘Why do they all have the same haircut?’. A deep and relevant observation at that hour if you ask me..

I must say, I feel motivated by them. Now I actually make it out on time just to watch them sprint by (they cool my coffee with their speed). After I have recovered from the sheer excitement, I continue my walk to the metro feeling invigorated and perky, as by magic, and quite ready to get on with life and work. Thank you Marine-men and please feel free to remove your matching tank-tops when the temperature starts to rise.