Hot ‘n Juicy

The title inspires several inappropriate jokes, which I will refrain from at this instance. One is, after all, a mature young woman who knows what is right and wrong in this world. Who am I kidding? The day I stop barking out indecencies and obscenities is the day I die! Hot n’ Juicy? ¬†Add in a bit of ‘bothered’ and you have your average Saturday night at 3 am.

Joking aside, this is not about the state of women near bar closing but rather a wonderful restaurant in Adams Morgan that Kara and I went to a few days before I left DC. They specialise in Crayfish in true Louisiana fashion, meaning: it’s spicy, it’s wet, it’s a lot of work. All in all a very intense food experience. We ordered one of their specials: Crayfish, Shrimp, Andouille sausages, corn on the cob and potatoes. All of it swimming in Hot N Juicy Special seasoning, strength: Spicy.


Kara rocking the bib-look. They keep it rather simple here, which is nice. You get the food in a plastic bag, get a bib, a roll of papertowel and a bucket to toss the shell in. Straight to the point.

It was delicious! Exquisite company and food, perfect for a warm summer evening.


Posing with the bag before the mayhem of sucking, ripping and devouring the poor creatures commenced.