The E Street Cinema

This establishment is a true DC-gem! After the excitement surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest had subsided (yes, I made my dear American friends watch this annual, visual mayhem) me and Mike went to the E Street Cinema midnight showing of The Big Lebowski. A cinematic masterpiece and no doubt one of the most relevant, and quotable, films of all time. This was my second time at the E Street Cinema and they are truly fantastic: cocktails, cult classics, fancy, and not so fancy, snacks. Mike ordered us some double, and very large, Caucasians (or White Russians as I call them) and we joined the rather rowdy audience for two hours of solid quote-along movie history.


Mike is a bit Camera-shy and refuses to participate in any cinema-selfies. He is not shy to drinks though, which made the movie experience even better. There’s a good boy.


I learned a few fun facts before the film started: the movie actually did terribly at the US box office and have only over the last couple of years risen to cult status, and it is based on work by Raymond Chandler. Now you know.

Apart from showing fun, and slightly silly, classics such as Batman (Tim Burton version), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (complete with live performers) and The Sound of Music, The E Street Cinema also shows the latest releases from Tinseltown. Not that I would abide to such commercialism, for those who know me know that I prefer Danish existential dramas from the 1930s. However, exceptions are made when one can join the other night owls of the city, sip cocktails and contemplate the importance of having a good rug.


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