Thursday- Trivia

Brian is probably the most competitive person I have ever met. I often hear his roar echo in the hallway as he is watching basketball/baseball/ice hockey/ golf/ kitten races, shouting abuse at the telly . The Thursday night trivia was no different. One of the bro’s before my time, James, works for a charity that  offers children from all over the US a tour of the capital with focus on the Senate and Congress and as part of their agenda they have fundraising quizzes (or trivia as they say here in the US of A). As it is a DC based charity, with a DC focus, the trivia was all about DC..

Upon hearing this Brian exclaims that we’re screwed and goes and orders another drink, the morale in the team sank. He pulled himself together though as he was the team-coach for our group of misfits with a Department of Justice employee, a prep boy, an English Litt major, a male stripper and a Swede. We did ok in the first round of ‘Historic DC’, pretty decent on the photos of Presidents (they all look the same to me as they all have one, or all, of the following ‘accessories’; wigs, side burns and starched collars), rather well on the US Department names, absolutely rubbish on political scandals (when did Monica Lewinsky intern?!) and don’t get me started on the monuments. Brian had given up on us after the second round and alas, our team (Oedipus and the Mama’s Boys) came second to last that night… Go team!


Brian leading the enthusiastic team to a second-to-last placement in the DC-trivia.


I’m convinced they’re all the same person.


Patriotic candy that inspires greatness. Perhaps the coach should have had some more of them?


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